About us

About Taitz Law & Associates

Darryn is the founding member and principal of Taitz Law & Associates.

Darryn has managed to obtain a Bachelor’s of Commerce and a Bachelor’s of Organisational Psychology with distinction (Bcom/Organisational Psychology), Masters of Business (MBA) at Macquarie University Sydney and a Bachelor’s of Law (LLB) at University of Technology Sydney.

Darryn has had both local and international banking and business experience prior to founding Taitz Law & Associates. Darryn immigrated from South Africa at the end of 2002. Thereafter spending a few years in banking across various commercial areas on major corporate transactions worth 65 million in revenue within the financial services industry.
Darryn is able to draw on this unique combination of skills and experiences to add value to clients in ways that differ from your traditional law firm.

Darryn has a broad commercial skill set which allows him to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the various complexities of issues that his clients are likely to encounter on a day to day basis by adopting a personal and practical approach in solving them.

We are different to other law firms. We provide big firm service at small firm prices. We act immediately. We are easily accessible.